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It's been a while, dear.

Wow, I havent been here for a while.
Alot has changed, I think? I have got a job now and have been competing on my horse.
School is so shit, almost got suspended two days ago. I am kinda wishing I did...

I really dont know what to say, tomorrows update should be better since I am going to see my horse. I'll get photos, for you. :)


What A Dick

Today was pretty shit, as usual. School's always gay, agreed?
Annnywaaayys, Drama was fun. I like Drama. We had a releif teacher for it though and we called her Miss Icecream because he name is Misss gelato or something.
Science was rather shit. Stupid Nick, arrgh. & his lil' friend Imegan. I wanna slit their throats!

Now I'm home, bored as hell.
Today is boring.
Soraya, x

Second Day back to school

Gosh, today was just the boringest.
So tired, lol. Spent $10 on iced coffee, haha.
I fell asleep in English and when Taleigha woke me up I jumped >.<

Nothing more to say really.

Soraya, x

Back to school.

Okay, so yesterday I didn't post an entry so I'll quickly tell you what I got up to.
Yesterday, 12th July 2010. I was meant to go out to my paddock in Yandina and also meet someone but my money didn't go through so I couldnt go. I was pretty devo'd about that so I just chilled at home all day and saw an old primary school friend. ):

And today was the first day back at school; it was terrible. Firstly, I did what melanie had told me, aha. I wont explain that :P Which worked. I have the gayest classes too, I wanna change out of Hospitality, got the worst teacher. I spent the whole of Maths class writing the word 'die' over and over in my book. I was put in the extra dumb class. I'm not dumb, truly. I just prefer not to try.
English was okay, rather boring though. I did like Drama. That was alot of fun (: We played a bunch of games, lol.

Thats pretty much it. And I hated it. I'd rather be outside amongst the things I love, not the the things I hate.
Why cant anyone understand that!!

Soraya, x

Writer's Block: Where I want to be

What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

I certainly did accomplish it.
My dream was to own a horse, ever since I was a little girl. I wished upon every star and dreamt non-stop.
And then on the 28th November 2009, my wishes and dreams came true.

I thought I'd have to wait until I moved out of home but I guess not. I thank the people who helped me accomplish that.

Two days before my holidays end. D:

Hey (:
I had a fun camp last week. Mack went lame and couldn't take him so I rode a young Chestnut pony. That didn't go down so well.... |;

Today I went out to Eumundi with Lucy out to her horses at Merry Park and we did some jumping. I rode Bart, her 16hh Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse gelding. He's for sale and I want him but I can't have him ):
We jumped up to 90cm I think, not too sure. Lucy rode her new Thoroughbred mare named Bella, she bawked at the last jump and had a few troubles but got through it by the end.

Bart and I jumping a 70cm spread. VVV

Soraya, x

Third day of my holidays.

Today, I joined this journal thingo. So welcome to my page (:
I spent the morning with my horse, I worked him for an hour with jumps and ground work. He did exceptional!
On the way back from my paddock in the bus some rare guy passed out and was dragged off the bus by his friend and the door shut on him. Was quite the laugh, hahaha. I think he was drunk ?
I also went shopping with mother, I hate shopping. I bought some rare rings and pretended to like them so we could hurry up and leave. Lol.
Oh and I WAS supposed to go to Cooroy and get Jodhpurs but Mum made me go to the Civic. :\

Oh, oh, oh and I am also packing to go to the Coaching Clinic at nambour Showgrounds for a week. So I wont be posting anything until 2nd/3rd July. Expect a big update about how I went.

Soraya, x